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Artemis Tres by maydei
by maydei

Alright, not much to say on this one. It doesn't seem like you went for any shading, and if you did theres too little to be noticed. No...

castle by TheFirstNotorian

Okay, here we go. This is good. Im no artist, at least not when compared to this stuff here, but heres my honest opinion. A lot of the ...

I promise to always watch over you.... by Crhova
by Crhova

Now heres something we often overlook. The beauty of the eye up close is always an entrancing one. That being said, I'd like to mention...

Maybe if i never become a good artist, i can be a nice critique? I dunno.
Yeah, you. Keep at it. 
Not a vital one, I left that out of the title hoping it'd hook you into the journal quick. On monday, the 24th, I had a dang ol' sore throat. The doc tested it on Tuesday the 25th, and it was definitely strep. I really wanted to get my tonsil out, but that didn't end up happening. They put me on some antibiotics, and I felt amazing. That pain was pretty dang bad, but it was gone in just a few hours. I stayed up pretty late since I was gonna be out of school 'till monday. 

The next morning, or really just three hours later at 8am, I felt some pretty awful pain in the pit of my stomach. I had to use the bathroom, and I had to throw up, but nothing came out from the latter at least. After awhile, the pain died down enough for me to fall asleep for a few more hours. When I woke up the pain was not in my stomach, but definitely in my lower right quadrant. If you can guess what organ that is by now, you win a cookie.

Got up to med center just to get me checked out. It was busy, but the nature of my ailment bumped me up to next place, at least to see a nurse. She said if its the appendix, they would just send us to the hospital. She recommended we go to the south division of our hospital to get seated quicker and we did. We got in, no wait. Place was empty. Once inside they began asking us basic questions. Throughout the whole day this story must have been told nearly 20 times between all the family and doctors.

At first I took a serious tone. I wanted them to take this serious and boy they did. They also gave me my first ever dose of pain meds through IV, and that was "fun". I think I was a bit loopy, I can never tell. It was very heavy and instant on my head and shoulders, unlike anything I'd ever felt before. Eventually they brought the surgeon to check me physically. Once he did they cancelled my CAT scan and sent me straight to get some organs out of my body. They said we were wise to have caught it so early. It was bad enough to take immediate action, but wouldn't likely burst within the day.

I enjoyed joking with the doctors. At one point they had to search down my mom because they need both written AND verbal confirmation they could perform this surgery, so I chatted with the nurse. She apparently worked by contract, living on the border of Kansas and Oklahoma. Once they found my mom it wasn't long before I was in the O.R. 

One ongoing joke was that I really wanted to try and count backwards from 10 as far as I could go before I went under from anesthetic. I even asked them when it would happen, and they said they'd let me know everything that was happening. I braced to stay awake and the found myself waking up in another room. Those lying bastards. Of course it's possible I tried but simply forgot.

Let me tell you though, surgery felt amazing. I've heard plenty worries of waking up during surgery or how the sleep was thick and unnatural, but I slept like a log and felt great afterwards. The pain was mostly gone, but I was still tender. My friends appendix had burst when he got his taken out, so he had a single long incision. I however had three small ones all around the area he had his. They should heal up quite nicely, but leave a neat conversation starter for the future.

Now that I'm out, I don't feel generally weak, but I haven't been pushing myself. Probably for good reason. My only regret is that I have to miss an entire week of school. That's getting quite a bit behind. Oh and also this isn't why I haven't been arting, I'm just lazy. Hope you enjoyed this, I thought it was kind of interesting. Aside from the fact that I had *echoey voice* DOUBLE ILLNESS AND STUFF. Have I ever told you guys I am bad at ending journals, because


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I want to become a better artist, because i truly believe i can do it. It'll be tough, but when life gives you lemons, you make up a different saying for such an occasion, one thats not so overused. Im just ending my sophomore year in high school. Also, I'm a guy. Two people have made that critical mistake so far, don't be like them.

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thank you for the faves my friend~
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Happy birthday- I hope that you have a wonderful one! ^o^
Falkalore Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Hello there! Our communication may be sparing, and our interaction even less frequent, but I distinctly wanted to congratulate you on making it through another year of life.

Happy Birthday, Falkalore! I hope the year before it was good, and the year following undoubtably better! Best of luck!
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